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Amateur Pizza Making Course

Professional technique
Amateur passion

Learn how to make pizza using the techniques that professionals use in their pizzerias, even at your own home.

Amateur Pizza Making Course

Professional technique
Amateur passion

Learn how to make pizza using the techniques that professionals use in their pizzerias, even at your own home

Secrets of Pizza

You will learn all the “secrets” to make the best pizza you have ever made

For a perfect pizza

You will learn how to achieve The Perfect Pizza from a scientific perspective

With professional technique.

You will learn the techniques that professionals use to make their pizzas

The next amateur pizza Making course
April 15th 2024


What will you learn during the amateur pizza Making course?

During the Amateur Pizza course, you’ll learn while having fun.

You’ll make Roman-style pizza, just like the many pizzerias you’ll find on the streets of Rome…and we’ll make it even better 🙂 


It will have the right characteristics of crispiness, digestibility, and lightness that distinguish “Our Roman Pizza.”

Additionally, you’ll understand how to use various types of flours. Yes, because flours need to be studied and understood, only then can they be used.

You’ll learn how to handle high-hydration doughs through the most suitable manipulation technique, using the “cold cycle” to improve your dough’s performance.

Finally, you’ll learn how to personalize your dough to have a unique, customized, and unparalleled dough.

Pizza al Taglio Academy
Amateur Pizza Making Course
Corso Pizza Amatoriale
Amateur Pizza Making Course

The 5 pillars of the Amateur Pizza Making Course

There are 5 main reasons (which we call Pillars) why we are confident that the Amateur Pizza Course will be useful for you, these are:

1) The course takes place in a laboratory equipped with the best professional equipment.
2) FULL IMMERSION practice.
3) “learning by doing” method.
4) Limited number of participants.
5) A Super Qualified Master and World Pizza Champion.

an international course

Our Amateur Pizza Making Course was attended by people from all over the world, all united by the same passion for pizza and with the intention of learning how to make it in a professional way, even at home, with what you have in a home kitchen.

The Amateur Pizza Making Course can also be conducted in English.

Amateur Pizza Making Course
Cristiano Garbarino - Il Maestro del Corso Pizza Amatoriale

Cristiano Garbarino

Master for passion

1. Lover of Roman pizza and high digestibility and hydration dough
2. World Pizza Champion 2018 (1st place at the World Pizza Team)
3. Consultant for pizzeria openings all over the world
4. Judge in international pizza championships
5. Expert in customization and creation of dough
6. Pizzaiolo for over 20 years
7. Technician for the most important companies in the pizza industry

Amateur Pizza
Making Course

  • 6 hourse | full immersion
  • Knowing how to use the Right Flours
  • Direct Doughs and High Hydrations
  • How to stretch the Dough, Toppings, Baking
  • Understanding and Customizing of a Recipe
  • Roman-style pizzas
  • Roman Pinsa

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