Cristiano Garbarino

Hello, my name is Cristiano Garbarino, i could became you teacher soon, right here at Percorsi di Pizza.

I decided to have a site for two reasons:

1) to advertise my pizza courses, of course

2) to give my contribute and share the right way to make the real Roman Style Pizza .

Rome, the wonderful city where i live and work,  offers to his citizens and tourists a really great choice of Pizzerias al Taglio.

Unfortunately the spread of pizzeria with such speed, it has not also seen the spread of adequate professional pizza makers with the same speed.

It must also be said that following the succession of numerous economic crises ( and covid period too) that have hit all sectors in recent years, many entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs have decided to invest their money in “the pizza world” without the right training and adequate informations.

What was the consequence?

We have witnessed the proliferation of a lot of unlikely pizzerias everywhere with improvised pizza makers contributing to debase a fundamental profession of our ” pizza tradition”.

It was my time, time to intervene.


No, passionate.

Did i convince you? Not yet? Keep calm. 

Making pizza is not particularly complicated, but to get a good pizza you need to follow some important rules.

Maybe with a bit of presumption (someone could think that), but with a huge passion i’ve decided to give my contribute to share the right knowledge and rules trough my courses, on site and on line.

It’s so complicated for me to understand what is my job 🙂 :

– teacher in courses and professionals pizza schools,

– Pizza maker,

– consultant and collaborator of Flour Mills and other company in the pizza world,

– international championship judge .

The intent is to give back to anyone who decided to partecipate to my courses as much as possible of the things i’ve learned over time…..but not everything, it would take too much time 🙂

With the hope of succeeding in this intent, i’ve decided to accompany you i this “pizza way” as long as you’ve decided to dedicate some of your time….and a bit of your money 🙂

From here, start your voyage on the “pizza route” ….good luck my friend.

Cristiano Garbarino


1° Classified at World Pizza Championship (Parma 2018, World Pizza Team);

4° Classified at World Pizza Championship (Parma 2015, Pizza in Teglia);

4° Classified at The International Pizza Expo (Las Vegas 2019, Roman Pizza division, Pizza al Taglio);


Consultant and Master in Italy and all over the World.

International Judge: Trophée du Meilleur Pizzaiolo Méditerranée 2017, next edition of The International Pizza Expo 2022

Master and Founder: PercorsidiPizza.it  e PizzaalTaglioAcademy (2013, pizza courses in Rome);

Tacher at Iscom Formazione – Modena;

Technical/Demonstrator/Collaborator at Molini Pivetti – Renazzo,

Technical/Demonstrator/Collaborator at Molini Spigadoro – Spoleto,

Collaborator at Castelli Forni – Roma,

Collaborator at Italforni – Pesaro (PU).