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are you no longer satisfied at your job?

are you a Roman pizza lover?

book your seat at the next roman pizza course !!!!

are you a roman pizza lover?

book your seat at the next roman pizza course and become a roman pizza pro!!!!

are you seaching for a new oportunty?

If you want to change your job, stop for a minute, make yourself confortable, drink a glass off water and don’t stop to read.


Down here, you can see some video reviews from my ex-students of the Roman Pizza Course in Rome (you can see some video more on my  Youtube chanel)… nobody of them was a Pizzaiolo before the course.


Don’t think you are not in time or it’s too early, it is JUST YOUR RIGH TIME!!!


Many of them where afraid they would not make it, but they went ahead and decide to change their life.

Are you scared? 🙂


Corso sulla Pizza al Taglio alla Romana
roman Pizza course - Student at work
roman Pizza course
Roman Pizza course
Pizza Romana in Teglia - Tagliere di pizza
roman Pizza course
roman pizza al taglio, this is the solution

Do you know what Roman Pizza al Taglio is?
For those who don’t know the difference between Roman Pizza al Taglio, Pizza in Teglia, and Pizza in Pala, you can read about it on the blog linked through this post (it’s in Italian), and I think you’ll enjoy it. 

Currently, Roman Style Pizza is becoming increasingly popular and it’s not likely to fade out of fashion anytime soon.

One reason for this could be that Roman Style Pizza is a visually striking dish, which makes people stop and stare. 
It’s also a quick meal for people on the go who don’t have much time to eat, a light and healthy snack, or a “take away” meal that is both inexpensive and shareable with family and friends.

You can find an infinite number of flavor combinations and ingredient mixes that are adventurous and appealing. It should also be noted that starting a Roman Pizzeria al Taglio is cheaper and more scalable compared to other catering businesses.

We’re witnessing a real commercial boom in this field. So, trust me, it’s worth checking out.

Roman Pizza al Taglio at Las Vegas Pizza Expo

The Roman-style pizza has become so popular that it is included in the competition categories at both the World Pizza Championship in Italy and the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas (starting from the 2019 edition), the world’s largest pizza event.


In fact, its recent participation at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas (an event for which I have been invited as a judge in the ROMAN DIVISION starting from the next edition) has confirmed its popularity overseas as well.


In recent years, the majority of my students come from abroad and this should be enough to make you understand the kind of phenomenon I am describing.


People are attracted and intrigued by this “new” style of pizza that is breaking through traditional tastes. One can certainly not blame them if one judges from the images that depict it on various social networks.

roman Pizza - las vegas
Corso sulla Pizza al Taglio alla Romana
roman Pizza course

the Percorsi di Pizza project

That’s why a few years ago I decided to give life to the Paths of Pizza project.


A project that included a series of specific COURSES on Roman Pizza (especially Pizza in Teglia alla Romana) that would put the student with his interests and problems at the CENTER of the system.


Do you want to know something?

I did it!!!


My ultimate goal was to put my students in the best possible condition in order to allow them to give life to their new work and life project … they had to be ready to “open” their Pizzeria.

why choose percorsi di pizza

The Roman Style Pizza Course
Many hours of practical to find the righ confidence with High Hydration and Roman Style Pizza Dough
Every day from Monday to Friday
Cristiano Garbarino
Master & World Pizza Champion 2018
Limited number of student
A course reserved for a maximum two people at time
un corso nel quale imparerai a realizzare la pizza e a gestire la pizzeria
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the 6 pillars of the roman pizza course

1. The course takes place in a real pizza laboratory.

2. All courses are in full immersion mode.

3. The teaching method is “learning by doing”.

4. The classes are made up of a maximum of 3 people.

5. At the end of the course, you will have learned the technique and theory needed to start your own pizzeria.

6. Previous experience in the pizza industry is not necessary.

A different course for different people

PERCORSI DI PIZZA cannot be categorized as a regular course to learn how to make Roman Pizza al Taglio, as it is a comprehensive system.
It is unlike any other Roman Pizza Course, as it guides you towards becoming a professional pizza chef and equips you with all the necessary skills to start and run your own pizzeria business.
Through this system, you will gain knowledge and security in viewing your pizzeria as a business instead of just an artisan workshop. People often overlook the fact that starting a pizzeria, whether big or small, entails starting a business.
This system is not only for those planning to establish their own pizzeria but also for those seeking career opportunities in Italy and abroad.
Ultimately, the aim of this system is to train Roman Pizza Chefs who are skilled and prepared from a theoretical, practical, and business point of view.
These pizzaioli can start working independently immediately.

How can I create a course on Roman-style pizza that stands out from the rest?
I wanted to structure a Roman Pizza course that makes students feel more confident by encouraging learning from mistakes.
The goal was to prepare students to face the reality of working in a pizzeria, rather than just studying theory.
It was not difficult to differentiate Percorsi di Pizza from traditional schools because I put myself in the shoes of a student and empathized with what was important to learn for them.
I started my career with a course almost 20 years ago and remember questioning how to start my own pizzeria once I completed the course.

I had to create a Pizza al Taglio course that covered teaching how to make pizza as well as daily routines of a pizzeria, including production, dough management, workspace, working times, and quantities – teaching everything without dogmas, fanatics, or secrets. This is how PERCORSI DI PIZZA was born.

The course not only teaches how to make Roman Pizza al Taglio but covers everything else you need to know.

3U + c
Roman Pizza Course
Roman Pizza Course

The first “U” stands for “unique”, as the course takes place in a pizzeria, which is different from more traditional pizza-making courses.

The second “U” stands for “ultra-specific”, as classes are limited to two people at most in order to improve their learning experience.

The third “U” stands for “useful”, as the author decided to help students build their own pizzeria project, showing them how to organize the spaces and choose the necessary equipment.

Finally, the “C” stands for “complete”, as the author believes that with these three elements in place, the course is well-rounded.

During the course, the author guides and follows the students closely, assisting them in realizing their projects.

Included in the course is not only teaching about pizzas, but also guidance and support in starting their own pizzeria.

artisan and entrepreneur

A Roman Pizza Course 4.0


This is a practical course on Pizza al Taglio, a Roman-style pizza.
The pizza will be highly hydrated with long fermentation, resulting in high digestibility.
The course focuses on contemporary methods while still staying true to tradition.
The class runs five days a week from Monday to Friday and involves full immersion practice.


The theory of making Roman Pizza is just as important as the practice.
Knowing how to make it is crucial, but understanding why certain steps are taken is equally important.
Properly maturing the dough is necessary for creating a pizza that is easily digestible for all ages.
The end goal is to achieve a light, sliceable pizza.


The message is about a course on becoming an artisan and entrepreneur in the field of pizza making.
The course is held in a real Pizzeria al Taglio, providing first-hand experience about the necessary equipment, minimum space requirements, production routine and work ethics.
It also emphasizes the fact that starting a small pizzeria is equivalent to starting a commercial enterprise and entails the need for effective management.

is this the right
roman pizza course?

When people call for information about our courses, the most common question after asking about the price is, “Is this the right course for me?”
It’s a good question!
The answer is simple: my course is the best you can find.
However, choosing the best course for you involves trusting your instincts and considering what you’re looking for in the course. It’s not about promising miracles, it’s about hard work and dedication.
If you’re looking for an easy course that requires little effort, this course is not for you.
But if you’re looking for a course that’s useful for your work and an investment in your future, then you’re welcome.
With no more than three people per class, attending this course is like receiving private lessons.
Don’t hesitate too long to decide, as there may not be any spots left.

courses & consultings

Below you can read testimonials from former students who took the course.
These students come from various parts of the world and have different backgrounds.
However, they all share certain similarities.
Do you want to know what those are?
Firstly, they all had a strong motivation that drove them to pursue their goals.
They were focused and had a clear vision of why they were taking the course and where it would take them.
They welcomed the changes that came with the new experiences, including relocating to new countries.
Secondly, they all had a great passion for pizza.
Without this passion, success in this field is difficult to achieve. Finally, perseverance is key.
While motivation and passion are important, persistence and determination are what will eventually bring success.
Click on the videos below to hear from those who have turned their dreams into reality.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on roman pizza course

Absolutely not, most of the students come from other jobs

Yes of course. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance plus the invoice.

To book your place on the course, you will need to pay a deposit of €200.00.

You can book through these 2 options:


1) PayPal by clicking on this link  paypal.me/cristianogarbarino


2) Bank transfer to:


Cristiano Garbarino

Fineco Bank

IBAN IT54N0301503200000000303650

Bic (swift code): UNCRITMM

Banca beneficiario: FEBIITM1


At the end of the course, you will have acquired the necessary skills to start your own Pizzeria. You will also have acquired the ability to manage high hydration doughs and long fermentations and you will have more awareness in the combination of ingredients.

It’s up to you and it depends on the type of course you choose, but usually it’s from Monday to Friday, Full Time.

You can choose between different types of courses, depending on your needs

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